"Digging Deeper into Silovpasture" Webinar

11/17/2020 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM CT


This "Digging Deeper into Silovpasture" webinar will feature presentations from SFA's Silvopasture & Agroforestry team, Diane Mayerfeld, Lance Smith, and Terri Peters.


Getting Started with Silvopasture - Tyler Carlson, SFA Silvopasture & Agroforestry Project Lead

Planning Design Considerations from Pasture to Silvopasture - Dr. Diomy Zamora, SFA Consultant

Planning Design Considerations from Forest to Silvopasture - Diane Mayerfeld, University of Wisconsin Sustainable Ag Coordinator

Using EQIP Funds for Silvopasture Establishment - Lance Smith, NRCS State Range Specialist

Getting Started with Silvopasture Using Cost-Share Programs - Terry Peters, SCWD Wabasha County

Other Funding Opportunities for Silvopasture - Dr. Diomy Zamora, SFA Consultant