Semi-permanent and Temporary Energized Fence Systems for Small Ruminants

06/16/2023 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM CT


Interested in sheep or goats but intimidated by their fencing requirements? Come spend an afternoon learning from experienced graziers how to manage the fencing needs of small ruminants.

We will cover the basics of electric fencing, geared towards small ruminant producers, but anyone using electric fencing will benefit. This is a great experience for folks just starting out with livestock, beginning farmers, or those who need a refresher. We will also cover techniques used by operators with large, commercial scale small ruminant flocks to cost-effectively manage rotational grazing.

Hosted by West 80 South Polls in Wadena, MN, George Heller and family have been building a regenerative grazing enterprise for the last couple of years. They run south poll cattle, hair sheep, and graze them together in a flerd (cattle herd + sheep flock). We'll get to hear from George what he has learned about setting up his property and building fencing.

We will also cover energizers and grounding, semi-permanent systems, and temporary systems for sheep and goat producers. We will discuss how to use electrified netting, multiple strand fencing, training livestock to electric fencing, and common issues that are experienced with electric fencing.

This event will be held outdoors. Please dress according to the weather. You may bring a pair of well-fitting work gloves if you wish. We will hold this event rain or shine, unless there is a threat of severe weather.


This event is free to attend. Space is limited to 30 attendees. Registration is required, no walkups.


Address: 18884 145th Ave Wadena, MN 56482

About the speaker: Jonathan Kilpatrick, Soil Health Specialist
Starting with raising dairy goats and sheep in his teenage years, Jonathan has managed small ruminants in both backyard, hobby-sized operations up to large, commercial flocks. He has been utilizing electric fencing since the beginning and has designed, installed, and successfully used many different types throughout the years.


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